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CATS / WORLD is a cat dedicated participatory documentary photo collection by and for cat lovers.

CATS / WORLDは猫好きの、猫好きによる、猫好きのための猫純度100%の参加型ドキュメンタリー写真集です。

Cats are free-spirited and sweet.

We can learn much from their easygoingness. Such creatures can help heal us under stressful conditions.


CATS / WORLD purposes to capture cats fully enjoying themselves a moment to moment each day,

and to share the wonder of cats with the world.


CATS / JAPAN is scheduled to be issued every other month.

CATS / WORLDは隔月発行を予定しています。

CATS / WORLD is available at AMAZON.CO.JP, international art book fairs, art bookstores.

Through this photo collection, we hope to deliver healing and freedom to the world.


 CATS / JAPAN is available at the following locations;

*Click here for shops.
*Click here for art fairs.




CATS/WORLD Vol.1 will be released at fotofever

CATS / WORLD Vol.1はfotofeverに出品されます。


(Living outside Japan)

Theme and conditions

Cats is the theme. We won’t ask who you are, just send us your photos of cats.

*It doesn't matter when the photos were taken.

*It’s OK for photos processed with Photoshop, etc.

*Professional, amateur, any age, any nationality can enter.

* Photos taken with a simple camera including smartphones are also acceptable.
* Up to  3 photos per photographer who is selected will be published. (We can’t disclose our screening method).

Entry Fee and Deadline

Entry and screening are free of charge. Don’t hesitate to send your photos!

Entry deadline is August 12th, 2019.

The results will be announced by August 15th.

Photographers who pass the screening have to pay the publication charge by August 20.

CATS / WORLD is scheduled to be published around September 20th.

*Publication maybe 1 week to 10 days earlier or later than our scheduled publishing date depending on the schedule of the print shop.
*Payment using a credit card is acceptable.

* We ship by post from Japan free of charge. In the case of overseas, arrival may take 2-4 weeks.

Publication Charge

Selected photographers have to pay a publication charge of 50USD.

Between 1 and 3 photographs per photographer will be published.

* No matter how many photos are selected, each selected photographer has to pay 50USD.

*If your photos are published, you can receive one copy of CATS / WORLD free of charge.

* CATS / WORLD will be offered at a discounted price to those who wish.

* Please note that after the publication charge is paid, cancellation is impossible since we will start the design immediately.


Specifications of CATS / WORLD

The sales price is 15USD excluding tax.

Pages will have a random layout. (1 to 3 photos per page).

A5 size with high-quality paper.

*Names of photographers, Instagram account and locations will be written in English along with the photos. 
*We will decide all the design and layout.*Please note that color proofing is impossible.

*Please note that the book price may vary depending on the number of pages.




・Please note that we cannot answer reasons for our selection.

・We will freely use the published photos on our website and printed matter for the advertisement of our publications, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign.

・Copyright for all entry photos belong to the photographers.

・Photos entered must be your own work.

​・If a third party should claim any infringement or damages, the applicant will be solely responsible for dealing with it and we are free of responsibility.